Magazine Q2 – Who Should Consider Investing

Who should consider investing in any self-storage real estate fund? Fernando Angelucci discusses this question in the following 3-minute video.

What he found is that, investors that are dissatisfied with the returns that they’re getting in paper assets, such as stocks and bonds, or are tired of the volatility of the stock market, going up and down with these massive swings.

Investors really like them because number one, they’re backed by a physical asset. It’s because a physical structure that you can go feel and touch and know it’s there, you know it’s value.

Listen here:

Fernando O. Angelucci is Founder and President of Titan Wealth Group. He also leads the firm’s finance and acquisitions departments. Fernando Angelucci and Steven Wear founded Titan Wealth Group in 2015, and under his leadership, the firm’s revenue has grown over 100% year over year. Today,

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