Q24 Self Storage Works With REITs

A common question Fernando Angelucci gets is how do smaller self-storage companies or smaller self-storage operators work with REITs or these Real Estate Investment Trusts?

Well, one of the strategies Fernando Angelucci employs is going out and doing riskier things REITs don’t want to. They don’t usually take any large risks by holding properties and are usually funded through public means and through the stock market.

The easiest way to work with them is to take risks off of their books and get paid minimum by doing that!

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Fernando O. Angelucci is Founder and President of Titan Wealth Group. He also leads the firm’s finance and acquisitions departments. Fernando Angelucci and Steven Wear founded Titan Wealth Group in 2015, and under his leadership, the firm’s revenue has grown over 100% year over year. Today,

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