Alternative Investment Vehicles

What are some alternative investment vehicles that someone can participate in?

Most people have been trained to get a job, put money into a retirement account, invest in stocks and bonds. Some reasons for this strategy are, it helps drive the economy and the other reason is that the custodians of these retirement accounts get payment when you purchase stocks and bonds.

Somehow when you invest in real estate, usually, these custodians do not get charge fees. This is also the reason why many people when they go to their fidelity account they are not allowed to invest in self-storage.

What you need to do is set up a self-directed retirement account (self-directed IRA/401K). This will allow you to invest in anything you want. Of course, there are certain parameters but for the most part, you are allowed to invest.

Fernando likes real estate because it’s a physical asset. For him, it’s a hedge against inflation. As the dollar continues to drop in values, at the same time the value of the real estate will also increase to keep up with the inflation.

According to him, he also likes real estate because it produces passive income. It allows you to lower your tax bracket.

One more reason for Fernando liking the real estate business, the self-storage specifically over stocks and bonds besides being a tangible asset is that he has more control over the outcomes.

His advice for those who do not have the time to buy real estate or self-storage is to participate in syndication. Meaning you can become an owner or silent partner of one of these real estate investments and get all the benefits of this business without having to do the work.

Alternative Investment Vehicles

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