Secrets of A Recent Wholesale Deal

For this video, Fernando will talk about a “sticky” deal that happened in South Holland.

Being a sticky deal this gave them the reason to go to a wholesaler or someone who can pay cash quickly.

This property has a lot of family issues. The father is the owner of the house, the daughter lives in that house but hasn’t been paying any rent as the father’s claim. And of course, the daughter has her own side of the story as well.

Fernando tries his best to be professional by not taking sides. He still provided his services even though the property is in really rough shape. There are also a lot of things that were done to the house that was not up to code.

This could be a problem in selling this house to a retail buyer because it’s going to get an inspection. Because all those issues with regards to the house will come up and the retail buyer is going to ask for a large credit to repair those or else it will not be allowed to sell and transfer.

If you are interested in hearing the story of this wholesale deal and how Fernando and his team handled this “sticky” deal, just continue watching this video.

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